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Presbyterian Senior Services was founded in 1962 when a small group of volunteers banded together to help care for older members of their church community. From modest beginnings, we have grown into an agency encompassing seven senior centers.

In the fifty years since their founding, PSS has been making a difference in the lives of older adults, their families, and their communities. From a modest beginnings, they have grown and changed as needs have grown and changed, to become recognized leaders in the areas of senior services and caregiver support.

The agency now encompasses seven senior centers, two senior residences, and an extensive network of Caregiver Support Programs. A groundbreaking Grandparent Family Apartments project is the first of its kind in the nation, providing safe, affordable housing and supportive programs like Kinship Program for grandparents raising grandchildren, enabling those children to meet their full potential.

PSS City Island 116+City Island Ave. Bronx, New York

718 885 0727

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