Ron For Your Life

Submitted by ub on Thu, 09/05/2019 - 11:01

Nowhere to ron, or ron for your life, in fact, any other popular upbeat songs you may happen recall. To many locals, he is considered the Island’s emperor of images, a loyal friend and trusted colleague. There a few reasons why the most popular septuagenarian living on City Island, A Slice of New York City Paradise, would feel compelled to keep running his art gallery after all these years. The answer captured in one word. Desire, Ganas, 欲望... etc.

Ron Terner has been running Focal Point Gallery for 45 years on City Island Avenue, as it's first and only Director, where locals and visitors browse and purchase his assortment of artistic images.

I first met Mr. Terner after I discovered City Island 22 years ago and moved here to build and launch News 12, The Bronx. Ron has been a friend and supporter since day one.

Please stop by the gallery on Saturday to begin celebrating with this favorite artist of Clamdiggers and Mussel-suckers alike.

Terner's creative footprint can be seen throughout this small NYC island, including his constantly growing memory wall.…

Terner says he is busy hanging a crushed photographic show for this Saturday's celebration of 45 years of Focal Point Gallery. He invites everyone to please stop after 12 Noon and have some refreshments and check out the new work he has created.

321 City Island Avenue
City Island, NYC, The Bronx, NY 10464
Phone number (718) 885-1403

The above photo was taken by yours truly. and it is with his wife Suzy, one of his favorite ladies. Please know, Ron is the father of a teenage daughter and is the focal point of his 90-year-old mom, both of whom I know and enjoy seeing every now and then.