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The Ukraine is accuses Russian military of blocking the airport in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol in Crimea near the Russian naval base while unidentified commandos are patrolling another airport serving the region.

Meanwhile United Nations Security Council takes up this growing crisis in emergency session at the request of the Ukraine, which warned that its territorial integrity is being threatened.

A Ukrainian official told a Crimean television channel that 13 planes had landed at a military air base near Simferopol, carrying nearly 2,000 suspected troops.

Crimea’s Tatars have backed the revolution in Kiev and fiercely opposed the notion of separatism, or ever joining Russia.

Military commander Joseph Stalin long ago deported the Tatars to Central Asia, back in 1944 for allegedly helping out Hitler's Nazis. Many returned to Crimea after the fall of The Soviet Union. They now comprise 13 per cent of that region’s population.

Photo: AP