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Irene left millions of people without power, so utilities companies are taking no chances as they line up extra crews and tree-trimmers. Winds threaten to topple power lines, and trees that still have leaves could be weighed down by snow and fall over if the weight becomes too much.

NYC officials have begun precautions for an ominous but still uncertain forecast. No decision has been made on whether any of the city's public transportation outlets will be shut, despite predictions that a sudden shift of the storm's path could cause a surge of 3 to 6 feet in the subways.

The subway system was completely shuttered during Irene, the first such shutdown ever for weather-related reasons. Irene largely missed the city, but struck other areas hard.

Will NYC have the same luck with Sandy? Officials warn area residents to take extra precautions, jut in case this storm slams into the city with high tides and hurricane force winds.
The warnings up and down the Eastern seaboard couldn't be more specific: Get ready and be prepared for days without electricity, as this storm could be one for the history books.

Sandy has already killed 40 people and is now projected to hit the Atlantic Coast early Tuesday. She is expected to turn back to the north and northwest and merge with colder air from a winter system.

This freak frankenstrom is even affecting the US presidential campaign. Three battleground states: North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio are considered to be directly in Sandy's path. Vice President Biden canceled an event that was scheduled for this morning in Virginia, and Governor Romney cancelled a rally scheduled in Virginia tomorrow. Both campaigns are also worried that the storm could hurt affect early voting in those battleground states.