SpaceX Rocket Misses Target

Submitted by Admin on Sat, 01/10/2015 - 06:55

As the saying goes... Close, but no cigar. SpaceX Rocket Blasted off early this morning on a supply mission, but unfortunately missed its intended target.

The SpaceX rocket blasted off with cargo for the International Space Station, but the mission's historic efforts to land the leftover booster on an ocean barge was unsuccessful.

The American SpaceX firm's experiment to bring part of its Falcon rocket down to a soft landing on a floating sea platform was unsuccessful.

The mission lifted off at 4:47A with 5K pounds of supplies and goodies on board for the astronauts. Following liftoff, the rocket detached and began a controlled descent to Earth, with SpaceX officials hopeful that the rocket would make a pinpoint landing on a floating platform.

The latest launch was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but was called off with less than a minute to liftoff so SpaceX could troubleshoot an issue. This is the fifth launch to the space station by the private company which is filling in with cargo deliveries that were slowed down when NASA's Space Shuttle stopped flying.