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Submit Your Announcement Here... Have you ever sent a press release to The City Island Current, or issued an announcement about your family, club, organization, or business only to learn that it took over one month, or longer for it to be published? Have you written a letter to the editor of your local paper, or any local media outlet to find that your words have been edited? Have you ever fact checked what you read in the paper to learn it is not accurate?

We have and this is one of the many reasons City Island Images publishes 24/7 and welcomes your feedback below, or mail your announcements to

Extra, extra! Submit a press release, or announcement to City Island Images -

This is your local media and will will let thousands of our visitors to read all about the wonderful work you are involved in. Whether it's a new way you're printing your greeting cards, or how you're baking those mouthwatering muffins, let everyone know you're active and you know how to get things done and what you have accomplished..

Remember, one good write-up can inform many people and allow them to find out about what you and your organization are doing so well.