Speed Cameras for New York City

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 15:36

Criminal speeds on the part of killer drivers careening across New York City. Too man New Yorkers dead, but speeding drivers continue unchecked.

The one thing that can halt this heartrending carnage is being debated in Albany. Only your legislator can give New York City speed cameras -- the best protection from deadly speeding. Use the form below to take action now and urge the State Legislature to support speed cameras for New York City.

Expectant parents Raizel and Nachman Glauber were killed by a driver who was speeding at double the legal limit. But the driver who killed the Glauber family had no reason not to drive at a dangerous speed. The local precinct issued zero speeding tickets in the two months prior to the crash.

This story is being retold in neighborhoods across New York. Hundreds of New Yorkers will be killed and seriously injured this year by speeding. One in four New Yorkers who are killed in traffic are killed by a speeding driver. Speeding kills more New Yorkers than drunk driving and drivers on cell phones combined.

These are families we can protect, and tragedies we can avoid. New York City needs consistent, predictable enforcement. A typical NYPD precinct issues only ten speeding tickets a month, while the death toll caused by speeding drivers climbs. New York City needs what Washington DC, Chicago, and 120 other cities and towns around the country already have -- automated speed enforcement cameras.

We urge you to support A. 4327 in the State Legislature, and Reso. 916 in the New York City Council which would allow New York City to test a speed camera enforcement program.