Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 16:41

The presidential debate can be approached by a presidential candidate the same way a professional athlete prepares for a championship. The presidential debate is the World Series, Stanley Cup, Super bowl, and NBA Championship all rolled into one for a presidential candidate.

Mitt Romney hands down won the presidential debate last night. Romney was on the attack from the get go. Romney studied the game film, learned Obama’s tendencies, and plotted his ambush of an offense. It appeared that Romney was better prepared than Obama was. This has been one of the greatest presidential debates in recent history. I enjoy seeing the candidate’s taking jabs at each other just has a heavy weight boxer does in a fight. There were times during the debate, on every subject covered, that this was evident.
Though the candidates are using words rather than their bodies to fight the same principles are applied. President Obama looked tired and often came of as sounding defensive. This first debate was really President Obamas to lose. Romney knew this about Obama and took advantage of it. Romney was better prepared in every aspect of the debate. The two candidate’s repeated themselves, (This is bound to happen in a hour and a half debate) but President Obama seemed to come off as overly repetitive. It seemed as if President Obama did not have an answer to Romney’s counter arguments against him.

Romney Grasped The Mantle Of Bipartisanship. Romney controlled the debate both offensively and defensively. Romney said he didn't want to lay out anything other than broad principles during the campaign, because he found out as Massachusetts governor that a "my way or the highway" approach doesn't win over legislators (

The way Romney handled himself in this debate was fantastic. Romney has been known for not being the greatest communicator. However, in this debate Romney came out to be the clear winner. His points made sense and hit home. I am still unsure of whom I will be voting for in the upcoming election but regardless I am excited to see what happens in the upcoming debates.

By: Mike Senkier