Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/23/2013 - 23:42

Over a hundred City Island residents attended what some were calling a horse and pony show at PS 175. One group was walking around with a large banner calling the massive DOT project Godzilla Bridge, an obvious reference to the Japanese giant monster.

Those in attendance were given their final opportunity to voice personal opinions and some were heard loud and clear, but the Mayor and other high officials, who are in charge of the bridge project do not appear to be listening. In fact, there were no elected officials in attendance, although some did send representatives.

The City Island community understands the need for maintenance of the old bridge, but what they oppose is the aesthetic value of the new bridge design. The City Island Bridge is the one and only way to get on and off the island, which connects this charming seaside community to the main land of the Bronx.

The NYC Department of Transportation made a power point presentation on its plan to replace the current bridge with a modern 150-foot tall structure costing taxpayers over $100 million.

Angry community members screamed into the microphone and shouted to demand that the construction project be halted, saying the towering design is out of place and it will destroy the nautical charm of City Island.