Student Debt Soars

Submitted by ub on Sun, 12/16/2018 - 20:11

There has been so much discussion concerning student debt and unfair admissions policies. After having attended private and public institutions as an undergraduate as well as a graduate student, and then teaching at both, I can say that public colleges and universities are the best investment in your future.

Furthermore, everyone should try to attend one as long as they exist. Low-cost education rocks. Would you believe the student debt is now $13.5 trillion? t may be good to ask your political representatives how they will propose to raise the median income across the country and subsidize the cost of living, public transportation, housing, healthcare, and student debt and if they intend to do anything about it and what is their individual plan?

The Department of Education is scrapping its plan for a new technology system intended to streamline the student loan repayment process, just 7 months before its scheduled debut.

Education Dept. Cancels Plan for New Student Loan System and Will Try Again

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Betsy DeVos will cancel $150 million in student debt after being sued for delays

Defeated In Court, Education Dept. To Cancel $150 Million Of Student Loan Debt

The Trump administration said it will cancel thousands of borrowers’ federal student loans, carrying out an Obama-era policy that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had fought to kill