Super Brawl

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/03/2019 - 04:53

Something really strange is happening in The Divided States of America and no State of The Union is going to solve it. The deep divide between liberals and conservatives is widening more than ever,

As far as foreign policy is concerned, take note that over the past years, our so-called #USA leadership has managed to pick fights with friends and foes alike and it is beginning to catch up. A nuclear arms race is suicidal and brings with it the threat of human extinction, not to mention our attack on the environment.

Domestically, the imaginary economic recovery plus a massive POTUS #Republican tax break, but America is still not great again.

After all, how can things be fine when nearly half of the 18-34 young adults live with their parents, which is the highest level since the Great Depression?

How can this be normal when America's richest cities have an abundance of homeless camps and people living outdoors, under bridges and along freeway medians?

To make matters worse, many families are living paycheck to paycheck, with essentially zero savings following the longest federal government shutdown in history and another one being threatened, or perhaps an American declaration of emergency.

These are fighting terms and if you do not see the writing on The Wall, we are being set up for the hard fall which is followed by The Super Brawl.

How else can anyone explain a rise of the militant left-wing group Antifa, the surface of White Supremacists, booming popularity by Democratic Socialists?

The one percent is doing great and there has never been a better time for rich people to become richer. But for most folks, the situation is getting much worse.

It is here and it is threatening to undermine our democracy, upend the international order, and erode #USA world power.

Wake up America, the time to react has arrived and we may not have two more years of fear and despair, so beware of NOW.

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