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SUPERBOWL WEEKEND... This is the last weekend in January and it also happens to be the best sports weekend of the year. City Island Images reached out to City Island Chamber and Civic Association toppers asking if they had taken any steps to promote the island on Superbowl Weekend, but there has been no response from either group.

Even if you do not love football, you might find yourself unable to avoid watching the Super Bowl for whatever reason. Perhaps your friends, or significant other have invited folks over to watch the game. Perhaps you've committed to go to a friend's house, or a Super Bowl party to watch the game. The following are some fun ideas to get you by before the big game this weekend. These are some of the places we though you would should enjoy before the Superbowl.

City Island
There are a couple of dozen establishments on the island where you can eat, drink and be merry. Some restaurants even have a nice view of The Big Apple's skyline. This nautical community is the best kept secret in New York City. There are Yacht Clubs and boat charters, there's shopping and also a Nautical Museum. During the World Wars, City Island built tugboats, minesweepers, and many of the landing craft used by the military. In the post-war period, yacht production continued and City Island produced seven Americas Cup-winning yachts. There's lots more, so come on up and have a good time.

NY Botanical Garden
Take a stroll through a Tropical Paradise. Indulge your senses in the love-inspiring qualities of dark chocolate, bubbly beverages, and plant aphrodisiacs, while walking through the exotic, lush wonderland and enjoy a local romantic retreat.

NY Zoological Society(WCS)
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) was founded in 1895 as the New York Zoological Society. Based at the Bronx Zoo, the organization maintains approximately 500 field conservation projects in 65 countries, with 200 PhD scientists on staff.

Bring your better half, or your pals to these places and prove to them that you can spend time doing stuff that they preferred to do during football season. If don’t have friends, or a significant other, then spend lots more time working on that.

How far is City Island? Take a look at this bike ride to City Island:

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