Supreme SCOTUS Term

Submitted by ub on Mon, 10/07/2019 - 01:37

OK, Country... Settle down, America. SCOTUS returns to work today with a new Supreme Court term, and there are serious judicial issues on tap.

The mourning menu for SCOTUS new term, which begins an extended run through much of the 2020 election season is really serious. The justices adjourn next June, but their influence will be felt by most, including POTUS, Congress and We The People.

Democrats' demands for documents and testimony pertaining to the president's personal and business finances already were working their way through lower courts when Trump's dealings with Ukraine turned the buzz in Washington towards impeachment.

Will POTUS fate be about an especially disastrous president, or competing groups who don’t perceive the same reality, or wether the institutions of democracy are strong enough to withstand a real challenge of 150 years. Not even a stable genius knows the answer, but this crisis is full of historical irony.

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