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This war does not occur in China, where the cultural revolution caused destruction. It is right in our United States.

The headlines surfaced following immigration reform: GOP Ready For 'Culture War'. The Grand Old Party, or Grand Old Party as it is called Republican, is ready for a culture war. Then came this: 'Furious' Readies Fight Against Tea Party GOP.

A mad tea party ready to fight with the Grand Old Party. It's happening. The Republicans are in culture war, and it is with Democrats. The war is between the Tea Party and 'the rest' of the Republican Party. Something similar faced in China the Communist Party and the Red Guard. China was at the height of the Cultural Revolution when Nixon visited, bringing the sly 'Love Nixon Mao'. It's a strange love that keeps the party with China, a love that led to mainstream, its mainstream, to accept and participate in the anti industrialization of the United States.

The Tea Party equivalent on our right to what was the Red Guard in Chinese communism. The zeal of the guard caused destruction there like the tea is causing here. This war fits perfectly into the original meaning of its name, party, as in 'party' tea. It is an almost festive, anti-elitist and popular entrenched in the GOP since Obama's ascension in 2009. Its members sometimes leave flaunting hanging teabags on their hats, necks or ears, happily willing to do anything to ensure the country's social purity in terms defined by them. They are apparently able to do anything to advance the purity that yearn. They push their doctrine of the Republican Party as a workhorse to move the rest of the country, and the party has stopped riding. It doctrinal more resemblance it has with the Red Guard.

The ultimate truth, the real truth behind the Tea Party is that it is a political movement defined by their social ideas. Son-in that sense-the socialists on the right, and do not realize it. Never admit it because it is a backward socialism, socialism sort of individually, the last of the absurd, anarchism almost here rears its head in a section of the party or tea party, that of the Libertarians, libertarians.

The Tea Party is a group that wants to impose its extreme social ideology above all, an ideology that would almost medieval regulate things like sexual life, but say they are 'anti regularization'. They are against regulation of what they should, but in favor of regulating what they do not want or like. They oppose any hint of gay rights. Looking prohibit any interference with the pregnancy of any woman, at any time, for any reason. Looking to be 'hell out undocumented'. They are anti-regulatory, yes, in anything related to the economy. They do not want any regulation or to prevent abuse and avoid bankruptcy. Promote something very like anarchy managerial, economic and fiscal anarchy for them is an individual right. Health, however, do not consider right. It is an individual privilege.

Voting rights at the extreme right is quite strange. It is a 'preferential right', which must be regulated to protect the vote of the dispossessed. If 'they' can not meet the requirements they ask for, because too bad for them, and nobody messes with their weapons despite the 30,470 firearm deaths in 2010 in the country, 32,163 in 2011, and 31,076 in 2012. Something more: The 'social safety net' is immoral because it keeps the poor in poverty.

This is part of their agenda, one that at least have on a real basis. Also have goals that lift entirely fictional facts. A candidate rejected his abortion in cases of rape because "nature prevents fertilization of women raped legitimately '. They left, in their opposition to Obamacare, that would implement 'death panels' that would determine who attend and who to let die because they are not productive. There is also a religious partisanship tea spread to the four winds that our fall and problems are God's answer to our immorality heaven here in this American land. Seem absurd, but they are more than that. They are tragically irresponsible. They are in civil war with the Republican Party to prevail, through it, on the country, and that would be fatal.

BY: Guillermo Descalzi