Tell Santa Claus...

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Of all the expected visitors I received while working part time during the Christmas holidays, there was special little girl, who I had the distinct pleasure of listening to decades ago.

It has now been decades and unfortunately many pounds ago when her late parents Rosario and Antonio J Soto III, who were also my big brother and sister in law had agreed to bring their little girl Rosie Soto to meet Santa at The Mall for Christmas.

It may have been a goofy, or silly idea we had come up with, but it made my niece, who is now a California gal very happy.

Christmas entertainment and Christmas activities for young children are priceless and timeless. Christmas stories are meant to be shared because Santa Claus will eternally exist in the laughing valley, where he lives and where all the good girls and boys get their Christmas favorite toys.

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To undoubtedly the most eclectic individual on City Island.