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The Pope has now been leading the worlds 1+ billion Catholics for a couple of days and there is talk about future personal and political challenges for this pontiff.

With the historic rise of an Argentine cardinal to the throne of St. Peter, many in his South American nation have started a debate, with one of its own becoming the first Latin American pope. Jorge Mario Bergoglio previous relationship with the Argentine government may underscore his ability and future willingness to continue to butt heads with leaders, whose politics conflict with the Roman Catholic Church.

However, it seems everyone seems to be trying to get into the act, or at least The Peoples Republic of China is. Just as Catholics all over the glove are celebrating the selection of Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as their new pope, the Communist government of mainland China, which has an officially atheist leadership took time to reiterate their desire to formalize ties with the Vatican. There is one catch, as long as the church drops its diplomatic recognition of The Republic of Taiwan.