The Dirtiest Dozen?

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/24/2019 - 10:35

Just wait till mother returns home, to the US House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives was attending a family funeral, so while the cat's away, the dirty little mice decided to play.

When mama bear returns to the house, she will consider a Republican stunt that could have been hatched by imbeciles who will be reconned with. The "I" word was first used by psychiatrists to denote a category of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability, as well as a type of criminal behavior.

12 Republicans who stormed closed-door impeachment proceedings already had permission to attend…

This unlawful action was hatched while US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was out of town at her brother’s funeral.…

Among the dozens of Republican congressmen storming the secure hearing room were US Representatives Steve King, who lost his committee assignments due to professed support for white supremacists, and Matt Gaetz, who sent a threatening tweet to Michael Cohen before his testimony.

If they can't prevail on facts is it effective resorting to childish acts? It was a bunch of Fruitcakes pretending to be brave. They stormed into a room where they were already represented.

‪Despite Trump's disruption efforts, impeachment inquiry persists…

‪A chaotic scene as Republicans disrupts impeachment deposition. GOP stands by Trump, gingerly, after diplomat's testimony

‪Republican lawmakers disrupt Democratic-led Trump impeachment inquiry