The Last Straw?

Submitted by ub on Tue, 01/29/2019 - 22:08

Why is President Trump disliked by most Americans, both as an individual and a politician, while his approval ratings and favorability polls continue to sink? The top intelligence agencies went public with inconvenient truths about Putin’s regime. These experts stated under oath that Russia remains committed to meddling in our democracy by undermining democratic institutions.

POTUS has not only been misinforming #Americans about the #Mexico wall but doing it to change the narrative and cover up threats from Nort Korea, ISIS and others. There are multiple red flags popping up all across the #USA, as the Intelligence community warns that Communist nations like Russia pose our greatest threat.

What most hardworking taxpayers should be asking - when will it stop? Is the wall a smokescreen? The Annual Global Threat Assessment paints a frightening warning about a Communist complot.

This has to be the last in his series of lies and a final problem that ends our collective endurance which comes on top of other alarms before it leads to the attempted takedown of this greatest democracy on earth. Is he the compromised terminator with an intent to destroy the US?

American intelligence chiefs continue contradicting Trump on global threats. Who is he trying to fool and why? Intel officials also challenged #Trump and #Pence who claim the Islamic State is defeated, a rationale for the decision to exit from Syria. The terrorist group, the annual the Worldwide Threat Assessment report to Congress, still commands thousands of fighters Therefore Trump is wrong, according to US Intelligence agencies, in their annual world-threat assessment.

#USA intelligence chiefs contradict @POTUS and it appears that President Trump has no clue of #USA threats including North Korea the Islamic State group and others. US House Speaker Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says President Trump’s “eagerness to sell out America” shows that Russia “must have something” on the president.

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