The Terrible Twos

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There is a national crisis brewing, but it is at The White House and not at the US border. Do the terrible twos really have to be as terrible as everyone says? It all depends on how Republicans decide to spin it. Who is now 72 years old and has been in office for two years?

As with most clichés, there’s something true at the heart of the saying that two-year-olds are a handful. But what about spoiled 72-year-old handfuls?

@SpeakerPelosi: "It's a temper tantrum by the president. I'm a mother of five, grandmother of nine. I know a temper tantrum when I see one."

Many parents will tell you that they have either struggled or at the very least worried about this infamous age when some toddlers embrace rage.

It labeled the magical age of discontent. Here are a few generalizations about the terrible twos, which may also apply to 72.

They are stubborn, they have opinions without a shred of self-consciousness and they couldn’t care less if you’re in public when they decide it’s worth shrieking bloody hell to defend their principles.

They do not always talk coherently and their reasoning sometimes calls for a code breaker. You can argue with them or even disagree with a coherent opinion. But they often sometimes don't make any sense, and it’s difficult to calm someone down when you have no clear notion of what’s upsetting them.

When they are tired, they’re often cranky, but don’t have the ability to rise above it the way mature people do. Sometimes their mental or physical gas tanks hit empty and when they're running on fumes is not a pretty sight.

A snit that lasts hours and makes everyone nuts is not a problem for them because It’s not as if they've got other plans for that or any other day.

The “terrible twos or 72's are less an age and more a stage to act on, so we all may be dealing with it, so be prepared for it when you least expect it.

Toddler tantrums are often erratic, unpredictably switching from aggressive to shy, independent to clingy, loud to lethargic. All of these can sap our sanity. But at this age, their behavior isn’t a matter of good or bad, it’s a series of learning experiences for the US.

Teaching right from wrong, self-control, and respect for others is a frustrating endeavor, so here are some month-by-month tips on behavior and discipline to help everyone, whether Republica, Democrat or Independent.

When our toddler is mastering a new milestone in one area, it may be coupled with a healthy dose of regression in another area like sleeping. Here's what you can do when developmental milestones impact behavior.

What happens when your precious darling starts hitting, biting, and shoving? No, they do not need to be a terror forever, but you have your work cut out for you in taming aggressive behavior.

If you thought stranger anxiety was reserved for others, then think again. Stranger anxiety often resurfaces in toddlers and even non-strangers can be the primary targets. It can also apply to senior aides and longtime allies. just ask our allies, his Cabinet, The House, The Senate, and his former staff members as the alarming numbers continue to increase. Also, ask the generals.

Anyone who refers to the free press as the enemy of the people, then demands airtime from the broadcast networks to address Americans is affirming this terrible two theory outlined above.

Finally, there’s no emergency at our borders justifying a wall or a crippling government shutdown. The crisis Is the failure to adopt an effective immigration policy with border security.

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