The United States of Chaos

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The plot thickens as We The People move from collusion to confusion, and first a concrete wall, now a steel barrier. This is not about protecting our border. It is about white over brown supremacy North Americans vs Hispanic Americans. There could be Spanish-speaking refugees seeking asylum.

1. Mexico Population: 121,736,809 people live in Mexico. Of these, 98.4% speak Spanish.
Location: Located just south of the United States in North America, Mexico is largely desert, but it also has mountains, plains, and rainforests. Wedged between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, Mexico also has an abundance of beautiful coastlines.
Notable Sights: Resort towns like Acapulco are popular with beach lovers, so start loading up on Mexican Spanish party phrases! Historic pyramids in Chichen Itza and Teotihuacán provide an intriguing glimpse into Mexico’s pre-Columbian history.
2. Spain Population: 48,146,134 people live in Spain. 74% of them speak Castilian Spanish, 17% speak Catalan, 7% speak Galician and 2% speak Basque. Note that while Galician is similar to Castilian Spanish, Catalan and Basque are quite unique. These regional languages are spoken in Galicia (northwestern Spain), in and near Catalonia (eastern Spain) and Basque Country (northern Spain) respectively. If you’re more familiar with Latin American Spanish, you’ll want to brush up on the European variety before your trip to Spain.
Location: Located in Western Europe, Spain has coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The Pyrenees mountains dot Spain’s eastern border, separating it from France.
Notable Sights: Spain features many popular architectural attractions such as Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia and the fortress/palace Alhambra. The beaches of southern Spain are also a popular draw.
3. Colombia Population: 46,736,728 people live in Colombia. Spanish is the official language.
Location: Located on the northern coast of South America, Colombia has access to both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Its landscape includes the Andes mountains to the west and the Amazon rainforest to the south and east.
Notable Sights: The Amazon rainforest and beautiful beaches have much to offer, but historical cities like Cartagena and Mompox also draw in tourists. Hikers will also enjoy the ancient ruins of Ciudad Perdida.
4. Argentina Population: 43,431,886 people live in Argentina. While Spanish is the official language, several other languages are also widely spoken, and it’s worth learning what’s unique in Argentinian slang.
Location: Located on the southeastern side of South America, Argentina has a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. It has plains in the east and the Andes Mountains in the west. The southwest region is subarctic, so you might even be able to spot a few penguins!
Notable Sights: Argentina’s Ushuaia claims to be the southernmost city in the world (more on that later), so it’s pretty noteworthy. But if that doesn’t intrigue you, you can also visit glaciers, vineyards and the massive Iguazu Falls.
5. Peru Population: 30,444,999 people live in Peru. Of these people, 84.1% speak Spanish. Other native languages are common in the mountains and rainforest.
Location: Located in western South America, Peru is situated on the Pacific Ocean. The west is largely desert, while the Amazon rainforest is in the east. The central region features the Andes mountain range.
Notable Sights: Peru is home to Machu Picchu, a well-known and spectacular Incan ruin. There are lots of other beautiful ruins worth checking out, too. Enigmatic lines in the desert called the “Nazca Lines” are popular among visitors. For nature lovers, the Amazon Rainforest and Lake Titicaca are big draws.
6. Venezuela Population: 29,275,460 people live in Venezuela. Spanish is the official language, and native languages are spoken.
Location: Situated on the Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean, this country is in northern South America. It features the Andes mountains, plains, highlands and the Amazon rainforest.
Notable Sights: Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, is located in Venezuela. Outdoor buffs will also enjoy the sand dunes of Médanos De Coro National Park and the many beaches.
7. Chile Population: Chile has a population of 17,508,260 people, 99.5% of whom speak Spanish.
Location: Chile is a long, narrow country between Argentina and the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, it has a lot of coastline in the west. It’s also got the Andes mountains in the east and desert in the north. Like Argentina, the far southern region has its share of penguins.
Notable Sights: Chile’s Punta Arenas claims to be the southernmost city with a sizable population in the world (why yes, this does conflict with the claim of Argentina’s Ushuaia). For a fun, touristy excursion, Pucón is a popular destination with lakes, activities and a volcano to round things out. Outdoor enthusiasts can find deserts, lake regions, and glaciers to enjoy. Easter Island, a territory of Chile, is one of the most isolated areas in the world, and you’ll surely recognize the moai (giant stone heads).
8. Ecuador Population: 15,868,396 people live in Ecuador, and 93% speak Spanish. Quechua, a native language, is also fairly widely spoken.
Location: Located at the equator (hence the name), Ecuador is in western South America, flush against the Pacific Ocean. It includes Amazonian jungles and the Andes mountains.
Notable Sights: Quito, Ecuador has the highest elevation of any capital city in the world and is well-preserved. If you can handle the altitude, you might also visit mountain villages in the region. Montañita is a city popular for its surf and nightlife. To enjoy the outdoors, the Amazon is a popular destination, as are the Galápagos Islands, where tourists love to marvel at the unique wildlife.
9. Guatemala Population: 14,918,999 people live in Guatemala. 60% of the population speaks Spanish, while the other 40% speak native languages.
Location: Situated just south of Mexico, Guatemala has coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It features mountains and rainforest.
Notable Sights: Tikal, a popular sight in Guatemala, is the ruins of an ancient Mayan city, and features several unique structures.
10. Cuba Population: 11,031,433 people live in Cuba. Spanish is the official language, and Cuban Spanish has its own unique pronunciation, slang and other regional differences. (For Americans, traveling to Cuba still may throw up some complications, but hopefully, these will continue to subside in the future.)
Location: Cuba is an island located about 100 miles south of Florida in the Caribbean Sea. It’s largely plains, but the southeast features hills and mountains.
Notable Sights: Old Havana, the well-preserved central district in the city of Havana, is popular for its old, picturesque buildings. There is also an abundance of gorgeous beaches.
11. Bolivia Population: Bolivia is home to 10,800,882 people, 60.7% of whom speak Spanish. Native languages (primarily Quechua and Aymara) are also spoken by about 36% of the population. Bolivian Spanish has many of its own words and expressions, so it’s a good idea to learn some of those along with a bit of Quechua if you’re thinking about traveling there.
Location: Landlocked in central South America, Bolivia includes a large Andean plateau called the Altiplano as well as valleys, desert, and the Amazon rainforest.
Notable Sights: The salt flats of Salar de Uyuni offer a unique and unworldly experience. The ancient ruins of Tiwanaku are architecturally unique with their sharp lines and impressive precision. The Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains, and Lake Titicaca are also big draws.
12. Dominican Republic, Population: 10,478,756 people live in the Dominican Republic. Spanish is the official language, and Dominican Spanish has its own set of quirks you’ll need to learn.
Location: The Dominican Republic shares an island in the Caribbean Sea with Haiti (its smaller, western neighbor). Its terrain features mountains, valleys, and rainforests.
Notable Sights: Santo Domingo is the oldest colonial city in the Americas, making it a worthy destination. The country’s many beaches are also popular.
13. Honduras Population: 8,746,673 people live in Honduras. Spanish is the official language, but native languages are spoken.
Location: Located in Central America, Honduras has a lot of coastline along the Caribbean Sea and a little on the Pacific Ocean. Its terrain is largely mountainous, but there are rainforests, too.
Notable Sights: The ancient ruins of Copán are well-known for the portrait stelae that decorate the buildings. Tourists also enjoy water activities at destinations such as Roatán and Utila.
14. Paraguay Population: Paraguay is home to 6,783,272 people. Spanish and Guarani share the title of “official language.”
Location: Landlocked in central South America, Paraguay is largely plains.
Notable Sights: Iguazu Falls is a group of waterfalls that straddle the border between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, and its impressive width makes it quite a sight. La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná is another noteworthy attraction where you can see how missionaries lived in the 17th and 18th centuries.
15. El Salvador Population: 6,141,350 people live in El Salvador. Spanish is the official language, but Nawat is also spoken.
Location: Tucked between Guatemala and Honduras in Central America, El Salvador abuts the Pacific Ocean. It’s largely mountainous.
Notable Sights: The Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site is often compared to Pompeii. It, too, was destroyed abruptly by a volcano and offers a unique glimpse into Mayan life. El Salvador is also known for its beaches, surfing, and hiking.
16. Nicaragua Population: 5,907,881 people live in Nicaragua. 95.3% of the population speaks Spanish.
Location: Located in Central America, Nicaragua has coastline along both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Its terrain features rainforests and mountains.
Notable Sights: If the beaches don’t lure you here, historic cities like Granada and León are a worthy draw. And if all else fails, you can always try “volcano boarding” at Cerro Negro.
17. Costa Rica Population: 4,814,144 people live in Costa Rica. Spanish is the official language, so it’s time to brush up on your Costa Rican Spanish!
Location: Located in Central America, Costa Rica has both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. It’s well-known for its rainforests and volcanoes.
Notable Sights: Ecotourism is popular, with the rainforests, volcanoes, and beaches being particularly popular.
18. Panama Population: 3,657,024 people live in Panama. Spanish is the official language, but native languages are also popular.
Location: This narrow country in Central America is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Its landscape features rainforests, mountains, and plains.
Notable Sights: The well-known Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and is popular with tourists. Water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are popular on Panama’s many beaches.
19. Uruguay Population: 3,341,893 people live in Uruguay. Spanish is the official language.
Location: Located on the Atlantic Coast in southern South America, Uruguay is predominantly plains.
Notable Sights: Old cities and neighborhoods like Colonia del Sacramento are popular, but there are also some great beaches to enjoy.
20. Equatorial Guinea Population: 740,743 people live in Equatorial Guinea. 67.6% speak Spanish, though French, Fang, and Bubi are also spoken.
Location: Consider this the unicorn of the list. This Spanish-speaking country is located in…Africa! It’s situated on the Atlantic Coast in central Africa. Its terrain features plains, valleys, rainforests, and volcanoes.
Notable Sights: While Equatorial Guinea is not as popular with tourists, its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and wildlife are appealing.
21 Puerto Rico Population: 3,598,357 people live in Puerto Rico. Spanish and English are widely spoken.
Location: This Caribbean island is a territory of the United States, but still quite separate and unique. It features mountains, rainforests and plenty of beaches.
Notable Sights: Old San Juan is popular for its historic buildings. For nature lovers, the beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, and caves also have a lot to offer.

An original claim that Mexico would pay for a border wall has dangerously morphed into holding We The People of The United States of America hostage for an unreasonable demand of more than $5 billion tax dollars while the federal government shutdown drags on for the third week.

Everyone agrees on the need for border security, but not on wasting funds for a wall. Meanwhile, Americans fear this is tearing our democracy apart by an unreasonable change of heart.

Who creates a national emergency and then tries to claim credit for stopping it? #Congress' first bill of the new session is a sweeping proposal to fight corruption, expand voting rights, and stamp out the influence of money in politics.

Ask not what he said but ask what he said later and then later again, and so on...etc. The leader of The Republican Party wants to move military appropriations to pay for a border barrier. Two out of every three #USA tax dollars paid by #Americans go to the Pentagon, but financial records have bookkeeping errors. so an audit is difficult.

Sarah Sanders wilts as Fox's Chris Wallace grills her for lying

Lindsey Graham has a white-hot meltdown over border wall: ‘We’re not going to give in to the radical left — ever!’…

TSA Workers Are Calling Out Sick Amid Shutdown…

What's a "national emergency," and can President Trump declare one to get his wall?

City Images has one principal purpose and this to find solutions to our problems with a critical eye toward plausibility, scalability, and perhaps most importantly, equity.

If Marshall McLuhan could only see POTUS vs AOC, what a wonderful world it could be. Herbert Marshall McLuhan was a college professor, philosopher, and public intellectual whose work is a cornerstone of media theory. Born on the other side of the US border the Cambridge grad had a theory about hot and cool media. Hot and cool media

President Carter dismisses POTUS wall lies with short and sweet statement…