The University of Spoiled Children

Submitted by ub on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 20:17

The hard truth about a dirty little secret of some relationships between America's rich and famous and how they bought higher ed and bribed US BORED of Education Officials.

It's worth pointing out the real reason admissions fraud worked is that institutions for higher learning are willing to give some students an unfair advantage.

As someone who not only earned advanced degrees the old fashioned way, then went on to serve as a distinguished visiting professor at several colleges and universities worldwide, I am wondering what took so long for rich parents to get caught giving the proverbial finger to Higher Education. Admissions criteria should on be about intelligence, hard work, attitude and great ideas.

I have long been concerned about students who do not turn in their assignments on time. or not at all, then complain when they earn a less than expected grade because their parents are wealthy.

Rich kids ‘Gloated’ after allegedly cheating on their SATs exams? Although some collegiate sports recruiting scandals have involved offering families wads of cash to land a top quarterback or point guard, all to serve the interests of a deep-pocketed school, this is a different story. A slew of CEOs has been charged in an alleged university entrance cheating scam.

The college admissions scandal is shameful that in #USA it can be unjust that work doesn't necessarily pay off. If you have money, you can buy anything because just about everything is for sale, including an advanced degree in integrity.

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