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He enjoys hitting his peak on the campaign, but it is about feedback.

If Obama is speaking to a crowd that has lost energy in the hot sun, he will deliver his speech and hit the notes and punch his topic points with gusto, but doesn't soar to match his reputation for rhetorical flight.

However, if he has an animated audience indoors and ready to greet him, the result is magical. It is a combination of self-confidence and crowd enthusiasm that seems to almost feed off each other.



If Romney didn't get much of a bounce out of the GOP convention, it didn't keep him from getting one in his step.

The Republican presidential candidate has a solid a reputation for being wooden and reserved, but surprisingly returned to campaigning last weekend animated and buoyant.

It's a shift in Romney's body language and tone. The former businessman is a model of good posture. And although he has traded coat and tie for jeans and rolled-up sleeves, Romney doesn't yet loosen up easily.