Submitted by ub on Fri, 10/05/2012 - 23:22

While watching the 2012 Presidential Debate I not only learned a lot about the outlook on our country’s government, but I also learned a substantial amount about each candidate.

If compared to a sporting event, the Debate would be compared to a boxing match, or in the words of the reporter at the end of the Debate on NBC, “If I were to compare this to any sporting event it would be football, and the winner would be whoever had the most possessions.” The candidates certainly had their allotted possession time, and more.

Both candidates made valid points. However, Obama came to the debate to inform the country of his ideas and plans, whereas Romney showed up to tear Obama down personally. Obama spoke to the people. Romney spoke to Obama. I don’t have a personal opinion on who won the debate but I do believe that Romney should have addressed the people of America better. I do believe that Romney was better prepared in what he was going to discuss and information on those topics, but he skirted around several topics to make it favorable for himself.

The most important topic that was discussed in my opinion was the tuition and education discussion. Tuition rates, loans, and higher education need to be addressed in more detail than they were addressed. Obama is a big supporter of lowering tuition costs and helping out students. Romney spoke of the issue, but not in as much detail as Barack Obama. What will he do to help students?

Another aspect of the debate that struck a nerve for me was the body language between candidates. I realize it is a debate and at this moment the two candidates are considered rivals. However, Mitt Romney seemed to have a hot head during the debate. He shook his head, smirked and made negative gestures. Obama had some of the same smirks, yet he stayed calm, and also took notes of the thinks Mitt had to say. I found Obama to be more respectful.

I am not on the fence on who I will vote for this year, I am however on the fence about who “won” this particular debate. There are several more in the near future, and I am very interested in what both candidates have to say.

By: Hannah Hewes