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Age is just a number and who stopped the count when it came to TOM GOAT who is the greatest of all time in sports athlete history?

The world is experiencing an era where expertise and a firm, steady hand is valued higher than youth, force, and inexperience. We have met Tomcat, tomboys, but tomorrow belongs to TOM GOAT. A smart and easy method does it every time. He is Superstar Tom Brady, the 7-times Super Bowl champion.

After 20 seasons with the Patriots, Tom Brady signed with the Buccaneers last year and brought the franchise its second Trophy in his first season. 

We saw this at the Super Bowl where Brady, the oldest ever to play at age 43, showed his experience in the first half, leading the Buccaneers to three touchdowns including two passes to his favorite postseason target Rob Gronkowski thereby setting another record in the process: it was the 13th and 14th touchdowns for a QB-pass catcher tandem in the playoffs. The old man of football ended the first half with a 71-yard drive in the waning seconds to go up 21-6 at the break.

This Super Bowl saw a number of firsts: it was the first time that a team got to play in their home stadium. Judge Sarah Thomas was the first woman to officiate in the NFL championship. And, for the first time in his ten Super Bowls, the senior citizen of winning quarterbacks led his team to a touchdown in the first quarter.

And good news for Tampa fans: During the post-game celebration the wise old man of football said simply, "I'll be back."

Following street celebrations by young fans, there are new concerns over last night's Super Bowl gatherings as potential super-spreaders and the dangers of new mutations of the virus. Thousands of mask-less Tampa football fans flooded the streets, to celebrate their Super Bowl win but possibly risking a deadly super-spreader event. Crowds of maskless Superbowl fans were seen partying in Tampa despite officials warning of superspreader events

Meanwhile, we are seeing a time where experience is going to be valued higher than youth, but does Brady now deserve a pass because he was happy to talk politics until he wasn’t? What happened to the Make America Great Again hat in his locker, the flippant endorsement of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Only when his ties became inconvenient he wanted to talk sports, and become a beacon of positivity rather than delve into society’s thorny ills. What’s up with that? Did the GOAT eat that #MAGA hat?