Toxic Leadership

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/02/2019 - 23:06

Have you noticed that so-called leaders are devastating and become toxic, then end up affecting our safety and emotional stability?

These are some reasons to rethink our situation with those who do not share our common views and can sabotage our lives.

They only talk about them and never attempt to fix problems.

They only complain about how bad everything is going.

They always find some reason to badmouth the USA.

They aren’t interested in a reciprocal relationship.

They risk our physical and emotional well-being.

They speak badly of others whenever possible.

They bring negativity and not happiness.

They don't respect anyone’s limits.

They seek economic benefits.

For it to work, we have to feel connected and grow together. Sometimes it sours because we no longer share interests, perspectives or beliefs.

Relationships must support each other in order to prosper. If you identify with any of the reasons, it is time to reflect: always seek to cultivate our own being and thus attract those who vibrate in harmony with #WeThePeople.

Staged performances don't translate into success. It's important to consider the skills which make a person an effective leader.

Public awareness is the single most important issue and an essential tool toward building a resilient and engaging atmosphere.