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City Islander and proud US Military veteran Jim Mullarkey has taken on a his solemn responsibility to bury NY indigent veterans who die without a known family member to bury them. He is undoubtedly performing God's work.

Warren Bryant was born on January 9, 1923 and died on July 7 2012, and served in the US Army from March 3, 1943 until January 19, 1946.

PFC Bryant died over a tear ago, but his case was passed around for 12 months until NYC Office for Veterans Affairs contacted Mr. Mullarkey. Since no family members were found, this fellow veteran and City Islander made sure he received a proper burial.

Jim Mullarkey is being assisted by Eddie Gonzales, owner of the City Island Body Shop on the avenue.
When it comes to NYC veterans, Mullarkey has sought to make sure that New Yorkers, who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces get a dignified burial.

On a lighter note, Mullarkey's daughter Patrol Office Jacquiline Halpin retires today from NYPD's Manhattan Precinct 19, after 25 years of service with NYC's finest. Our very best wishes to her.

Today also happens to be the anniversary of the death of Jim's mom and Jacquiline's grandmother, Beautrice Ruane Mullarkey. She passed away on 8/31/51.

If you know of a veteran anywhere, who may be in the same situation, please contact the funeral director of your choice. Tell the director that the deceased is a veteran and does not have the means to pay for the funeral. Ask if they can provide the necessary paperwork to apply for an indigent veteran. Most funeral directors will be able to assist in finding available benefits.

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I'm so very proud and fortunate to have Jim Mullarkey as my Uncle! I know my Grand Mother is looking down on him with a smile and pride!


All the best and God Bless!

Bobby Reilly