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Reverend Ezra Yew is delighted to announce the following:

Thanksgiving Sunday King Christ Sunday Bible Sunday November 24, 2013 10AM
Free Thanksgiving Dinner Service at the fellowship hall of Trinity United Methodist Church November 28 1PM-5PM; Christmas Fair and dinner, Friday December 6, 2013 2PM-8PM
Christmas Fair and lunch, Saturday December 7, 2013 11AM-3PM

Christmas Open House at the parsonage Sunday December 8, 2013 1PM- 3PM
Children's Christmas Pageant Sunday December 15, 2013, during 10AM Worship
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Tuesday December 24, 2013 10 PM

Pastor Ezra Yew and Trinity United Methodist Church expresses a deep gratitude to chef Ann Cox,who has served as the chef for the past 18 years, as well as to the many volunteers and anonymous contributors who made the traditional "Thanksgiving Dinner" possible at the church on Thanksgiving Day.

Worship/Church School Times
SUNDAYS @ 10:00 a.m.

113 Bay Street
City Island, NY 10464
Phone: (718) 885-1218

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Is the Thanksgiving Dinner a dinner, or a service, or both?

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Yes, it's a free dinner provided by this wonderful church every year.