Trump Tricks

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This is what occurs when someone thinks that if they do or say something wrong repeatedly, some uninformed people will believe it.

I can say it but I don’t want to say it but some people said it was the best speech ever made by a president in Europe. But I did not say that I’m just quoting other people. Who are these other people? Are they also clueless?

“Ich bin ein Berliner,” John F. Kennedy's speech in Berlin

"Berlin Wall" Speech - President Reagan's Address at the Brandenburg Gate...

Ronald Regan Patriotic Speech

CBC News Look back at Presidential speeches

@GOOGLE Best presidential speeches... And see for yourself if there are any of his speeches included?

Perhaps he may be included here. Top 10 Embarrassing U.S. Presidential Moments

When a so-called leader does not read or study history they say “Nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disaster, Okay? She’s a disaster.”

A #conservative tells @CNBC the @GOP is doomed because young people view #Republicans as the real dumb party.…

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