Truth About Vitamins

Submitted by ub on Sat, 09/08/2012 - 00:25

Vitamins and minerals are so important that we can't live without them. But do you know what you can do to make sure your body gets enough of all the vitamins and minerals it needs? Or how these nutrients lower the risk of diseases, including stroke, diabetes, and cancers?

You can find out in this instructive and empowering Special Health Report from the doctors at Harvard Medical School. Vitamins and Minerals will give you a practical understanding of the roles these nutrients play in protecting your health and preventing illness.

Does vitamin A lower the risk of cataracts? Does potassium help lower blood pressure? Can vitamin C prevent colds? The report will give you the facts—and dispel the myths. (By the way, the answers are yes, yes, and, unfortunately, no.)

Every Special Health Report brings you information that you can use to take charge of your own health. Vitamins and Minerals is no exception. The report will show you how you can improve and strengthen your daily diet to include the complete spectrum of nutrients—and do it without the expense or risk of multivitamins or multilateral supplements.

That's right. A smart, healthy diet, with delicious and wholesome foods, is the best and safest way to fulfill your body's needs for vitamins and minerals. In the report you'll learn which foods are the best sources for these nutrients. For example, did you know that potatoes have 50% more potassium per serving than bananas? Or that the best source for vitamin C is not citrus fruit but red sweet peppers?

The report will also introduce you to fifty super foods that deliver the most nutrients per calorie. You'll be briefed on eight ways to squeeze the most nutritional benefit from the foods you prepare. And you'll even get tips for creating and enjoying delicious, diet-friendly indulgences.