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With only ten days before US government "dead" limit deadline, stubborn politicians in Washington DC are beginning to produce global ripples of anxiety, which could trigger worldwide financial heart attacks.

The US could default on a portion of its government debt and set off global financial troubles thereby undercutting various fragile economic recoveries.

A few short years following the financial crisis, which spread a deep global recession, too many people around the world are about to feel collateral damage.

The whole world is watching this debt ceiling battle, as those damn Yankees could trigger another crisis throughout financial global markets.

USA borrows as much as $16.699 trillion. The amount was raised in 2011 following the last threatened government shutdown by $2.1 trillion, with $1.2 trillion of that amount reportedly spent last January. Meanwhile, US debt grows every second by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Who is this about? Mankind as well womankind.
What happened? Global Financial Meltdown?
When did it take place? Over the years.
Where did it take place? USA
Why did it happen? Out of control spending.