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Do you know where the rich and famous live in the United States? If you said LA or NYC, you'd be close. A look at ZIP codes, a la "90210," gives insight into both the longtime standard bearers of wealth and the up-and-coming real estate communities for USA's elite.

If you have lots of dough a wish to live in an expensive suburban area, select US richest neighborhoods. Not all of the people can live there since you need to have a lot of money. There are hundreds of possibilities. Here's a countdown of some of the top neighborhoods based on prices of these homes.

93108 -- Santa Barbara, Calif.

10012 -- New York, N.Y.

94920 -- Belvedere, Calif.

10065 -- New York, N.Y.

90210 -- Beverly Hills, Calif.

10014 -- New York, N.Y.

07620 -- Alpine, N.J.

90274 -- Rolling Hills, Calif.

94027 -- Atherton, Calif.

91008 -- Bradbury, Calif.