US House and Senate Doctor

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/15/2014 - 22:20

The doctor is making official House calls and also the US Senate. Senators narrowly confirmed President Obama's Surgeon General, who is a Harvard Medical School staffer after fierce opposition from NRA and gun-rights advocates in Congress.

The 36-year-old co-founded Doctors for America in May 2009, just as the fight over the Affordable Care Act was gearing up. The country's main doctor trade group, the American Medical Association, remained neutral on the Affordable Care Act. In founding Doctors for America, Dr. V Murthy entered the spotlight when he supported Obamacare.

Democrats powered Vivek Murthy's nomination through in a 51-43 vote, with support from only one Republican. It was Illinois Senator Mark Kirk. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed through the nomination before Congress adjourned for the year and GOP takes total control.