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After attending a local civic meeting, then watching Obama's State of the Union, this entire experience was disappointing. From the president's speech to a local civic association meeting, so many leaders would be better off by thinking twice before they open their mouths.

Political speeches, as well as town meetings have always been part of our democracy. They are regularly used to set rules, to show support for certain issues and to discuss many other ideas. Their general purpose is for residents to regularly gather, discuss and act on matters for the good of the entire community.

In 1854 Henry David Thoreau said, When, in some obscure town, the farmers come together to a special town-meeting, to express their opinion on some subject which is vexing the land, that, I think, is the true Congress, and the most respectable one that is ever assembled in the United States. US President Harry Truman said " If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Too many leaders are attempting to be cool by simply winging their comments regardless of the facts. Some are making inappropriate comments, or using these civic gatherings to either talk down to their audiences, promote their self serving agendas, and rarely prepare as they should, but instead they bring their dogs to these meetings and spend time playing with their pets, or trying to make stupid jokes, which digresses to give a convoluted message.

Remember it is supposed to be a dialogue , not a monologue. It’s meant to be engaging, The leadership should be paying attention to the reactions and move the meeting along accordingly. They shouldn’t just spew out what they have to say first and leave little time for the rest.

Finally, bullying to increase attendance is wrong. Do not grandstand by telling the few people who are there that it you think it is shameful that only one percent of the community still puts up with you and supports your inaction.

Some so called leaders like to talk and boast about what they're doing, but never say what they've accomplished. Furthermore, they make attendees wait till the end and give them less time to voice their individual opinions. When community members speak up, they become very defensive. Other so called leaders can be condescending when speaking and they must take everyone’s concerns seriously. Many individuals won’t have had as much time or experience with the topic as the leader.

Others are comfortable making up answers saying they have been working hard on a specific issue, instead of outlining whatever they've managed to accomplish.

If you don’t know, say so and that you’ll find out and get back to them. Never lie or try to finesse an answer. Just say you can’t give an answer because of this or that reason. Finally, don’t try to fit too much information into one meeting. People can’t retain that much information overload at one time.

Last night neither the president, who is a Democrat, nor the Republicans told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. AP Fact Check:
How does Obama stack up on women's pay himself?…

Following Obama's speech, a NY Congressman threatened a journalist who was asking him questions he refused to answer. Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens an NY1 Reporter - NY Republican threatens reporter who asks a question:
Reporter: Congressman apologized for threatening to 'break' him in half…

Let US introduce a bill that requires all leaders, from local elected offices to federal representatives to regularly pass lie detector tests. We can once again lead the world in truth and justice for all.

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