Submitted by ub on Fri, 07/05/2013 - 10:50

Peoples voices are almost like fingerprints.

Let Zimmerman reproduce the sound of his scream.

Make or Let him do it several times. Even with him hearing it right before his performance (you don't really NEED to let him).

I am asserting that he could probably not be able to reproduce it no matter how many times he tried.

If the scream were him he would nail it easily every time he tried.

If he were a trained singer with a 3 octave range maybe he could,
but in a scream Its almost like blowing air into a coke bottle.

His nose, mouth, throat, lungs will have a certain resonant frequency.

His natural scream would be distinctive and measurable.

Give him a chance to prove his innocence if he is so confident he would jump at the chance.
If he doesn't want to prove his innocence it must have been Trayvon screaming.

This is way more accurate than a lie detector.

Trayvon is not here to prove anything but George Zimmerman is.

The resonant frequency of Trayvon's body could conceivable be measured and compared to the resonant frequency of Zimmerman's. Unfortunately Zimmerman would probably need to be dead to get a good measurement.

They know the spot it happened.

They know where the 911 call was from.

Think about the sonic evidence in the Kennedy assassination there was an opened mic on a police motorcycle that recorded the gunshots echos etc.

This is way way way more clear-cut than that.

By: Seth Snyder, Cyber Engineer