Voting rights and wrongs

Submitted by ub on Sun, 11/02/2014 - 07:36

We can not attract great programs on the cheap. This is important to keep in mind when discussing the public sector and all services provided, except maybe for defense spending, where waste is out of control, while huge contractors continue to earn big bucks.

The Citizens For Tax Justice report that the United States ranks third lowest in taxing its citizens. Only Mexico and Chile rank below us among the 24 countries included in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Even that conservative deity, President Ronald Reagan, raised taxes 11 times. Therefore, if services need to be increased, taxes must go up. However, it is the job of every responsible citizen to keep their public servants accountable.

Does your local candidate refuse bribe money? Will they work to keep decision-making power as close to the people as possible?

Remember Thomas Jefferson said, “The best government is the least government.” It’s not that there is no government. You govern yourself constantly rather than allowing others to do so. It used to be called freedom.

Has your candidate offered any evidence that suggests they support the free market that made us the most prosperous nation on earth and in history and eliminated poverty in American for those able and willing to work?

What is their stand on fiscal responsibility? Somebody has to repay our trillion dollar national debt before we fiscally collapse. Which candidate is most likely to advocate solutions that stop the amount of government waste?

City, county, state congressional and senate leaders are government representatives. We are all in this mess because we've been too complacent, or downright ignorant of our US Constitution.

Our only hope now is to find leaders with Constitutional fire in their bellies to undo the wrongs that have been created. Make sure the candidates you support clearly understand that all issues, whether on the city, county, state or national level are directly or indirectly constitutional issues. We must insist that all elected politicians follow and abide by these rules they swore to uphold.

Finally, have you noticed the majority of political ads tell you what a bad person the opponent is and says nothing positive about the candidate who produced that TV spot?

Remember, you get what you pay for and in the final analysis... You'll make the bed you have to sleep on.