Washington, DC Sequester Day

Submitted by ub on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 10:19

The president and congressional leaders meet today, the day sequester kicks US in the pants. They'll discuss ways to prevent the across-the-board cuts. What took them so long?

The lack of communication between the White House and congressional Republicans signals that any solution to avoid these cuts are not a good bet.

GOP SAYS LET THOSE DEMOCRATS FIX IT - Senate Republicans have a bill that shifts responsibility to the Obama administration for replacing the $85 billion in sequester cuts with an equal level of savings under a plan that must be filed before March 8. The bill prohibits the president from cutting more than $42.6 billion from defense.

If Congressional leaders are not satisfied with the White House, a two-thirds majority vote in the US House and Senate would be needed to overturn the president’s spending plan before 3/22.