What's Going on Here on City Island?

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 04/14/2013 - 10:31

If you happen to find one of the most current paper copies of The Island Current, dated March 2013, you will learn that way back in January, NYC Comptroller John Liu visited City Island to address a meeting of the Civic Association. If you are among the tens of thousands who reads City Island Images, you can take time to review his profile and you will learn that Mr. Liu is among several candidates running for mayor of NYC.

Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión is a resident of City Island and is also on that list of mayoral candidates running for mayor. However, to our knowledge he has not been invited to the same CICA community forum. City Island Images reached out to City Island Civic Association toppers last week for a clarification: Here is their official response: "We will be sending out invitations to all declared candidates (Democrats, Republicans and Carrion) in the race inviting them to address our group. The invitations should be sent out by weeks end.
Also just to clarify, when Mr. Liu came to address the Civic in January, it was in his capacity as NYC Comptroller. As you may know, he did not announce for another two months."

Meanwhile, City Islander Susan Bellinson recently hosted Mr. Carrion for a meet our neighbor and NYC mayoral candidate breakfast forum at island her home. City Island Images covered this event, but The Current apparently overlooked it.

Then, The City Island Chamber of Commerce sponsored a lunch meeting on Tuesday 4/16/13 at Portofino's Restaurant, located on 555 City Island Avenue. As previously mentioned on City Island Images, Chamber toppers invited City Islander Adolfo Carrión to speak at this organization's function. Following this report, The Current sent a representative to the Chamber luncheon. Congratulations to The Current!

Carrión the 52 year old City Island resident wants to be NYC mayor so badly that he quit being a Democrat and switched his party registration to unaffiliated. By the way, this Bloomberg-style maneuver secured him a spot on the city’s Independence Party ballot line and guaranteed him a place in the city's general election.

However, there's good news and bad news. It turns out that Mr. Carrión's took his time paying for a remodeling job done for his nearly one million dollar home, which earned him a $10,000 fine from the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board, which he immediately paid.

The good news is that he is an experienced politician, who has served on the NYC council and served as Bronx Borough President. He also happens to be a bilingual Latino with worthwhile ideas. Among these are allowing NYC parents online access to student academic as well as disciplinary records. Carrión also has a high profile fan and supporter. Former President Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael, a big time conservative is a media amigo!