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Mexico's president wants to eliminate the united, as well as the states from their name the United States of Mexico. Actually, its formal name is "The United Mexican States" and President Felipe Calderon wants to rename it Mexico.

Estados Unidos Mexicanos, was adopted in 1824 after independence from Spain imitating their northern neighbor, but this name is rarely used, except on official publications, their money and other government documents. President Felipe Calderon has announced that he would rather call it Mexico, saying his country doesn't need to copy anyone.

Calderon first proposed the name change as a congressman in 2003 but the bill did not make it to a vote. The new constitutional reform he proposed would have to be approved by both houses of Congress and a majority of Mexico's 31 state legislatures.

Since Calderon leaves office on Dec. 1, some Mexicans question of whether this proposal is a symbolic gesture. In fact, his idea is widely mocked on Twitter as a ridiculous parting shot from a lame-duck president. City Island Images spoke with a Mexican professional, who is working legally here in the US at the special request of her employer. We asked her to comment. She feels that "changing the name is not more important than working to improve security, eliminate poverty and increase employment in my country'.

Over the years, the United States of America has had a much greater influence over Mexico than any other country. Mexicans follow U.S. sports teams, they watch U.S. television and they purchase U.S products. For others, there is resentment of a larger and more powerful northern neighbor that's seen as ignoring Mexico.