Who Will Defend America?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/27/2019 - 09:00

The land of the free and home of the brave ever since 1931, these words have been sung during the national anthem of the United States of America. It means that we claim to be the land of the free because men are free here to do whatever they wish. We are the home of the brave because we feel that Americans are courageous, as shown by the history of our pioneers who settled vast open lands.

On the back on the tomb of the unknown soldier at the National Cemetery, the inscription reads: 'Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.'

This warning comes because I have seen and lived through a period where my so-called national leader sold out to Communism.

As POTUS grows closer to and defends Vladimir Putin in #Russia, Kim Jong-un in #NorthKorean, along with other ruthless and wreckless dictators around the world, who will be the real one to stand up for and defend #USA, our allies as well as Democracy and the rule of law? Trump not only won’t denounce Russia and North Korea, but he goes out of his way to avoid it.

He decided to leave Americans behind on the most solemn military holiday to play with the leader of Japan, which has no military to speak of. In Tokyo, he sided with Kim Jong Un over his hand-picked advisor and the Japanese Prime Minister by claiming that North Korea did not launch missiles nor did it violate UN resolutions. Why did he also defend dictator Kim as a smart man? Who is the real stable genius?

How can anyone explain the overtly pro-Russian pro-Noth Korea behavior of @realdonaldtrump and his surrogates? If they are not puppets, why do they work so hard to defend Putin and Russia Kim and North Korea? Why do they divert blame to other countries and victims? Why, instead of targeting the intelligence agencies that infiltrated us, do they attack the American intelligence agencies and the free press that exposes these acts?

Why did Putin work so hard to get Trump elected? Never before was the Russian despot been so deeply interested in electing a particular American presidential candidate. Why does Trump continue to say he loves Kim, who is not the loving kind of man?

The greatest generation is all but vanished and while The United States of American celebrates the 30th Memorial Day and as the 75 anniversary of D Day approaches, are we being left defenseless from our long-time adversaries? Are we marching with ghosts towards oblivion?

As the baby brother of my late Vietnam veteran and hero #AJSotoIII, who really served, please keep in mind that the man currently leading this country did not go to Vietnam, even though he could have. He was able to receive five deferments from the draft for military service during the War. He received four education deferments while a college student but refuses to release his transcripts, and a fifth deferment in 1968 for a medical exemption after he graduated, which was reportedly a favor for his rich dad.

As we take time to pay tribute to all who have lost their lives defending democracy, please think long an hard while we pause for The National Moment of Remembrance, established by Congress, which asks all Americans, whether playing on a golf, or traveling in Japan, or wherever they are at 3P local time on Memorial Day, to pause in an act of national unity for a duration of one minute.

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