Win Play and Show

Submitted by ub on Thu, 01/03/2019 - 04:56

Is the #Trump administration wasting #USA Taxpayer funds to make a few corporations richer, while hardworking #Americans foot the bill? Does POTUS think this is a game so that he can show an imaginary win?

The new Congress is now playing hard ball and the ladies are going to grab him right where it hurts.

-Record number of women
-1st Muslim women to serve
-1st Native American women to serve
-1st Latina members from TX
-More women with young children
-Most Black members in history of the House (53)

This allows #Congress 2019 more diversity of thought, experiences, perspectives.

US tax dollars are not hard at work. The reason is that when you consider the $800 million in taxpayer funds spent for private prisons in 2018 at the same time operators in those facilities were paying detained immigrants pennies an hour for labor that helped the companies’ bottom lines.…

Immigrant families who are showing up at border crossings, in New Mexico and elsewhere, and in large numbers are overwhelming Border Patrol agents. The facilities into which these families are placed are designed to be temporary “way stations” and not detention centers and they are not suited for young children or infants.…

Here’s a video of migrant children being dragged and pulled at an immigration detention facility in Arizona.…

Meanwhile, an asylum-seeker, who doodled his high school’s mascot, while school officials thought it was a gang sign. Then ICE agents labeled him an MS-13 member and deported him to Honduras, ruining his promising life.…

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