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As Spring draws closer, weather forecasters are preparing to say goodbye to one of the coldest winters in recent US history. However, political pundits are now warning that US is about to return to a more dangerous period know as The Cold War.

Russian tanks amass on the Ukrainian border, while US diplomats attempt a last-ditch meeting with Russian counterparts, but Moscow and Washington could be on the verge of a series of punitive and retaliatory measures following a planned referendum in Crimea on Sunday.

Kharkiv has seen violent clashes between rival groups in recent days and a couple of people have been reportedly killed in clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian activists in Ukraine's eastern city of Kharkiv.

UN Security Council is expected to vote on a US-drafted resolution that defines Crimea's referendum as illegal.

US and Poland discuss ways to support Ukraine's sovereignty, as well as NATO members' defense commitments.

The Pentagon keeps an aircraft carrier battle group in the Mediterranean Sea for the crisis.

Russia moves troops into northern Crimea, as Ukrainian border guards check trains coming from Crimea into the rest of Ukraine.

Conflicts of national interest caused an alliance between the United States and the former Soviet Union, now Russia to be replaced by a Cold War, which lasted 45 years.