Historians Rank Every President in history. The votes are in and the POTUS with the lowest score isn't who you might expect.

But then again as they say-  'The jury is still out' - Judgment has not yet been finalized; especially due to information being completed as we speak. The term has been a staple headline in American newspapers for at least 150 years; for example, this from The New York Daily-Times, May 1850: Jury is still out, with no prospect of immediate agreement.

C-SPAN  vindicated half of America. Leading historians, professors, and presidential experts analyzed the key performance indexes of all 45 former Commanders In Chief. Who they ranked first is going to be a serious punch to the gut for some

The USA registered voters have been asking the same question since the beginning of American history: “How the heck did this guy get elected?”

Some presidents were wrestlers in their youth, more apt to challenge their political opponents to a duel to the death rather than a debate.

Some finagled their way into the highest office in the land, and others toiled for years in different political offices, slowly working their way up the ladder.

Some were so prim that their staff called them "Granny" behind their back. And some were unapologetically corrupt, whether or not they got caught.

The level of corruption often did not impact how well they performed their presidential duties.

A 2021 C-SPAN survey ranked all the U.S. presidents in multiple categories and gave an overall score. The categories ranged from Crisis Leadership to Public Persuasion and Economic Management. This list excludes current President Joe Biden — he won't be added to the C-SPAN survey until after he leaves office.

C-SPAN anonymously surveyed 142 historians, professors, and professional observers of presidencies.

Here are all the presidents ranked from highest to lowest score. https://moneywise.com/a/ch-c/every-us-president-ranked/p-45