Be Safe Stay Home

Submitted by ub on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 12:17

If told to evacuate, just do it, but if not, stay home and be safe. #CItyImages share the following resources to help you, your friends and family members stay safe after preparations and recovery the week ahead of Dorian making landfall.

Please encourage anyone who needs it to reach out to the Disaster Help Desk at 1-888-692-4943. Unfortunately, only support in English.

Disaster Help Desk for Business—1-888-692-4943) for direct support from disaster recovery experts.
Resilience in a Box—Resource guide based on best practices designed to help educate business leaders on disaster preparedness and business resilience. This tool is available in Spanish as well and includes a Top 20 Tips that businesses can do now in advance of the storm.

Disaster Recovery Quick Guides—made possible by Shell, has tailored tips in English for small businesses and chambers looking to prepare and recover.

We respectfully request that as your recovery unfolds to please keep in mind as to the number of folks impacted and any needs so they can act quickly in determining how to support efforts and to assist with economic recovery if needed.

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Take a look at all that lightning! The Geostationary Lightning Mapper aboard NOAA's #GOESEast captured this view of all the lightning associated with #HurricaneDorian2019 in the morning hours of Aug. 30, 2019. Follow the storm's path here: