Don't Give Up On US

Submitted by ub on Sat, 06/29/2019 - 22:44

As we continue to live in a toxic political environment, some Americans may witness the decline of self-esteem in each one of US as we endure month after month of poor leadership and dysfunction inside this great nation. But remember, it takes courage not to be discouraged.

We are amazed at the changes as the situation continually grows worse. If anyone could have taken a before photo before and then an after, the physical manifestations of the negativity endured would be staggering.

Slowly, the entire world has observed as we reach a breaking point as each public servant resigns or leaves this administration. Each of them the toxicity they dealt with each day was so unbearable that no amount of money would have made it worth the cost to their own self-worth.

They left their jobs without having new jobs lined up because they recognized that the toll the toxic environment was taking had become far too great to stay another day.

Many more are willing to quit their job before having secured a new one because most will have the occasion to deal with some level of toxicity. We believe the most important thing is to recognize when working in a toxic environment is that it is NOT a reflection of who you truly are.

Often times in a toxic environment there is an abundance of tearing others down, passive-aggressive leadership, destructive gossip, conniving politics, and abundant negativity. Whenever you anyone is surrounded by this daily it can really start to affect their own self-worth.

It is imperative that we learn to separate the negativity we're swimming in daily from the reality of who we truly are as a nation.
We think this demoralizing effect is the biggest danger to staying long-term in any toxic environment, and to combat this you will have to find ways to daily remind yourself that you are not a reflection of your current surroundings.

Taking time out each day to take a short walk by ourselves is a great way to detach and allow for positive self-talk to focus on the qualities we possess that make us amazing Americans.

Another important coping step is to realize that you cannot control what other people say and do, we can only control actions and reactions. The sooner we accept this the better for our own mental well-being.

This realization allows us to let go of owning other people’s negative behavior and it empowers us to focus on improving ourselves.

Finally, try to focus on turning our bad situation into a good learning experience. Most often our strongest personal growth comes from living through our most difficult situations. When we are living in a toxic environment, w must pay close attention to the lessons we can take away from the experience. Perhaps we can identify the qualities of a leader that we never want to emulate.

As difficult as a toxic work environment may be, never allow it to become less than who we are meant to be out of anger or spite for your current leadership.

Let us conduct ourselves with integrity and always put in our very best effort forward. It is easy to fall into the trap of giving up. Don’t allow ourselves to justify personal bad behavior on the failures that exist in our leadership. I realize that at times it feels like the only way is to fight back in a toxic situation, but the reality is that doing so only hurts your own integrity.

Be yourself and don't let the world tell you who you are the world wants to tear you down so it can take control of you and you have to deny the world so it can't take control of you. Cell phones are ruining us and taking the time to devote to the best US.

Take the time to put the phone away so you can find the true meaning of family and friends at only care about you the value of Life is worth more than any amount of money in the world to live life to the fullest.

Know that your reputation will continue far beyond today, and nothing is worth trading your integrity over. Do your absolute best every day to our incredible character and work ethic and make sure you are registered become a community organizer or an activist who gets out the #VOTE

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