Good, Bad and Ugly

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There are three men named Acosta in the news who like yours truly, is probably a proud US Citizen, and also happens to be a Cuban-American. We are considered to be the Jews of the Caribbean and many Latinos agree. What is meant by this is a mixture of admiration and loathing. This is because Cuban Americans are the most successful Hispanic group in #USA. We are the third-largest Latino group in #NorthAmerica.

#CityImages presents them to you so we can allow you to decide which one ushers the real season of the witch?

Carlos Yuli Acosta is known internationally for his grace and athleticism as a dancer. Having performed in some of the worlds greatest companies including Paris Opera, the Bolshoi, ABT, and England's Royal Ballet, it is his tremendous ability to convey emotion, and the sheer joy of dancing that transcends to every member of the audience, which people remember the most. Carlos has danced almost every classical role from Macmillan to Balanchine right through to his more recent contemporary roles and never fails to bring a unique quality and magnetism to every movement. As well as a dancer and choreographer, Carlos has also written his very honest and heartfelt autobiography, 'No Way Home' - which proved a UK bestseller and went on to be published in several other countries including North America, Australia, and Germany. Now he has even completed his first work of fiction.

Jim Acosta is CNN's bad boy and chief White House correspondent, currently covering the Trump administration and previously covered the Obama administration from the White House and around the world. He regularly covers presidential press conferences, visits by heads of states, and issues impacting the Executive Branch of the federal government. In addition, Acosta reported from the 2016 campaign trail following Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Acosta is based in the network's Washington, D.C., bureau and serves as a substitute anchor for the network across a variety of CNN programs. Previously, Acosta was national political correspondent throughout CNN's 'America's Choice 2012' election coverage, embedded with the Romney presidential campaign as the lead correspondent. He traveled with the GOP presidential candidate to key battleground states and to the U.K., Israel, and Poland, covering the latest campaign developments. Acosta sat down with Mitt Romney for two one-on-one interviews, breaking several political stories and presidential debate coverage. In addition, he covered both of President Barack Obama's inaugurations and contributed to the network's mid-term election coverage.

Acosta has received several awards including The National Association of Hispanic Journalists 2017 Presidential Award, the SJSU Journalism School 2018 William Randolph Hearst Foundation Award, and was a part of the CNN team that won an Emmy for their 2012 presidential campaign coverage. In addition to his reporting, Acosta's debut book, "The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America," will be released in June and focuses on his experience covering President Trump during his first two years in office.

Rene Alexander Acosta is an American attorney, academic, and politician who is the 27th and current United States Secretary of Labor. A Republican, he was appointed by President George W. Bush to the National Labor Relations Board and later served as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida. Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta defends controversial deal with 'predator' Jeffrey Epstein as Democrats demand resignationā€¦