Maniac Dorian

Submitted by ub on Sun, 09/01/2019 - 09:37

As forecasters watch Dorian, they warn folks in the Bahama Island to make sure they are bunkered down as the Hurricane gains strength.

The monster storm of this size and strength so close to Florida, it is time to complete preparations just in case the storm moves closer to the coast. Do not be messing around with a storm this large and this powerful. Climate change is beginning to look Real.

Dorian packs wind up to 160 mph as it moves 8 mph west. This has the potential to be a killer cyclone. Hurricane Dorian is now a Category 5 storm as it drew closer to the Bahamas and to the state of Florida, with life-threatening storm surges. The storm was about 225 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dorian strengthens to powerful category 5 hurricane as it nears...

‪Hurricane Dorian bears down on the Bahamas with 160 mph winds as islands hunker down, 'taking no chances'‬

Dorian closes in on the Bahamas as dangerous Category 5 storm