RIP Juan Romero

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Most immigrants travel through valleys of adversity to reach America seeking a better life and are not what bigots and racists allege.

Case in point inside a dimly lit hallway of death over 50 years ago, Juan Romero, a 17-year-old Mexican American busboy cradled his hand behind the neck of a fatally wounded United States Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy.

With the senator's weakness, he whispered to the young man, "Things will be OK". Juan took rosary beads out of his pocket and into the hand of the dying senator in a last act of kindness before Robert Kennedy was whisked away.
A young Latino comforted another dying member from one of the wealthiest families in the United States. Juan had met the senator the day before while delivering room service and said, "He looked right through me. He didn't see race."

An assassin named Sirhan Sirhan سرحان بشارة سرحان gunned down Kennedy in front of Romero. This remarkable image captured the scene: young Romero, a Mexican immigrant, cradling the glassy-eyed Kennedy, a member of an American political dynasty.

68-year-old Romero passed away quietly of o heart attack .…

As the fabric of American unity tears under the strain of political division, we should all recall some of RFK's final words. "Things will be OK". Kennedy was trying to diffuse conflict, not create it.

The US political atmosphere is now filled with hate and conflict over immigration from Latin America. The hateful rhetoric of a rapist and a criminal were hate-filled lies that Mexico was not sending its finest immigrants; that, in place, they were sending rapists and criminals indicating that everything he accuses others of is what he himself may have a guilty conscience of.

Romero was more of a Patriot and more American than many United States Congress members and senators May ever be. You see, I too am a Latino immigrant who went on to serve a Republican POTUS, and unlike the twice impeached, liar who was granted automatic government clearance, along with his family members, I was vetted and like most Latino immigrants who are good people, became a law-abiding citizen of the USA.

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Contact your representative and voice your demands to lower the temperate of conflict and hatred.