Tiger Attraction

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The tiger is the largest species among the Felidae and classified in the stable genus Panthera. They are most recognizable for their dark vertical stripes.

Although there are some fearsome tales of vicious man-eating tigers stalking hapless victims, the cases of tigers actually attacking a human being remain few and far between. Still, tigers are more likely to kill a human being than any of the other wild cats.

As a real Tiger, this story caught my eye as I too enjoy a nice scent. The Chinese Zodiak says I am a Tiger, which is the third of the 12-year cycle of animals related to their calendar. The Year of the Tiger is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 寅.

According to my astrological sign, it symbolizes such character traits as bravery, competitiveness, and unpredictability. Tigers love to be challenged and will accept any challenge if it means protecting a loved one or protecting their honor. They don’t worry about the outcome because they know they’ll always land on their feet. Don’t let their calm appearance fool you though; Tigers will pounce when they feel it’s necessary.

Born to lead, Tigers can be stubborn if they realize they’re not in control. They have a slight tendency to be selfish but overall, Tigers are extremely generous. They’re very intelligent and they’re always on alert. Tigers are very charming and are well-liked by others. They are also not motivated by money or power, so be warned.

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