Trump's Choice

Submitted by ub on Sun, 03/22/2020 - 22:01

There is a type of empirical fascism being applied to the government’s inaction. It’s found in Trump’s execution of power by abstaining from applying it. He is approving disaster declarations but not helping with the logistics of enforcing corrective measures. He’s creating smoke and mirrors.

By not helping the medical institutions, Trump is forcing the medical people to impose a “Sophie’s Choice” that is already favoring the “haves” over the “have-nots, the red states over the blue states.

Trump is masquerading as the helper who wins by running to help and claiming he did help, but not extending his hand at the last moment. This is how he can then have maximum deniability He can point to his executive actions that were not carried out by those who should have accomplished them, as he would do. He can then blame others —his modus operandi.

So far I have observed, however, that the doctors and nurses are endangering their own welfare to save people in states which would oppose Trump. It would help his agenda in the coming election if a viral final solution is allowed to deplete populations in the states who would oppose him. Mitch seems complicit.

What’s next indeed? We must pull together and help others survive. My wife has the simplest answer: We must all self-sacrifice. However, that is not within the realm of possibilities with a Narcissistic President at the helm. I hope our country can overcome Trump’s inaction, just as the medical folks are doing.

The Hardest Questions Doctors May Face: Who Will Be Saved? Who Won’t? As coronavirus infections explode in the U.S., hospitals could be forced to make harrowing choices if pushed to the brink. Planning is already underway.…

By: The Professor
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