Foes Cannot Control US

Submitted by ub on Thu, 11/19/2020 - 11:06

Has the Republican Party become increasingly dangerous to American Democracy? If left unchecked, will China and Russia continue to undermine and overpower the #USA destroying the will of the American people?

Richard M Nixon opened up relations with China and helped that nation become a global powerhouse. Nixon's meeting with Chairman Mao marked the beginning of a process of thawing in Sino-American relations since the U.S. was anti-Communist and China had viewed the United States as its top enemy. 

Ever since Ronald W Reagan and George HW Bush oversaw the dismantling of the former Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin has been pushing Donald J Trump to help Russia become the powerful empire it once was.

If #Russia had an asset in the @WhiteHouse then #Putin would outline his top priorities as forcing divisions in American society, destroying trust in @USAGov and  #Democracy, lowering #USA global influence, and breaking up @NATO among others.

Aren't @realDonaldTrump #Cult45 #Republicans @POTUS @GOP accomplishing all these and much more?

The similarities between the two #POTUS are that Richard Nixon had cancer inside The White House within close proximity to the presidency that was growing daily. Donald Trump has malignant tumors growing every hour throughout the #world and #USA.

Although nobody died in the Republican Watergate scandal. Hundreds of thousands have died as a result of Trump's Republican #COVID19 scandal.

American citizens, who are Georgia registered voters should know that the upcoming Peach State US Senate runoff may be the final opportunity for them to change course before the Republican policies devour our young representative democracy.